Always on.

Always in.

Always there.

Growing and protecting brands

Always on.

Always in.

Always there.

Growing and protecting brands.

Full-service with soul

Red Shoes is a woman-driven, full-service marketing agency with a fierce determination to walk a different path. We help grow and protect brands by nurturing authentic connections and challenging ourselves and our clients to step out of line and see the world through a more curious lens.


Internal Communications
PR / Media Relations
Government Relations
Community Relations


Marketing Plans
Traditional Advertising
Digital Advertising
Social Media


Content Development

Crisis Communication

24/7 Support
Crisis Planning
Crisis Response
Media Training

In command.

Never commanding.

Our clients choose us because we don’t break. Our strength comes from experience and a ferocious will. Red Shoes is both the river and the rock. We are willing to adapt but never stray from our core beliefs. Our goal is to provide brands with everything they need to grow: nourishment, protection, accountability and support.

Grow and protect your brand.

Do you have a need? We can help.

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