The New York Times recently published an article, “When Going Off Message Is the Message,” which discusses a young celebrity who garnered a lot of press when she said things that were spontaneous and unplanned during the “Mean Girls” movie press tour. While Red Shoes does not recommend talking to media unprepared, the whole article brings up a slow, seismic shift in news. Reporters like authentic, real quotes that show personality, help the reader/viewer relate and bring a human element into the story.

Buzzword: Authenticity

Now more than ever, the voices that truly connect with the public are not those that boast about their accomplishments or their brand. Instead, it is the voices that share their experiences and knowledge in a genuine, honest way. For business owners and marketing leaders, this shift poses not only a challenge but also an opportunity.

Why the Change?

Currently, media is full of sponsored content, advertisements and scripted interviews that present polished, shiny but not always real pictures of companies and famous people. Audiences are tired of this and are instead, drawn to real, fresh, diverse, in-depth yet easy-to-understand, relatable content. Journalists are keeping people engaged by creating stories that resonate deeply with audiences, fostering trust and relatability.

The Benefits of Authentic Media Engagement

For companies that can connect with their audiences truly and honestly, the rewards are huge. Authenticity builds trust, and trust sustains relationships, including those with the public and the press. Journalists also appreciate when companies are genuine, as it helps them find and share real stories and interesting facts, not just repeating perfectly curated words from a company’s website.

Reimagining Media Training

Media training should still encourage thought leadership but in a memorable way that provides content that cannot be found in an Internet search.

In this new era, the Red Shoes earned media team uses its culturally competent, multi-generational reporting and journalism background to focus on media training that helps you find an authentic voice, yet still demonstrate expertise and industry leadership. The Red Shoes earned media team helps you set the agenda by finding ways to contribute unique quotes and real stories from your company spokespeople that not only contribute to the conversation but support key messages and demonstrate real-life application of your spokespeople’s experiences. Red Shoes helps you humanize your message, to make it not only relatable but unique and memorable.

Conversational Training

The best media interviews are those that transform into natural engaging and enlightening conversations. Through deep discussions with company spokespeople, Red Shoes earned media team uncovers media spokespeople’s expertise and passions, crafting stories that captivate. Then, Red Shoes media training features role-playing scenarios to ensure that each spokesperson feels comfortable addressing any potential topic while still securing coverage for their message. The more spokespeople practice, the more authentic and comfortable they sound.

A New Era

The shift from scripted to authentic media engagement is a trend that can’t be ignored. It’s not just a passing phase but a fundamental change in how businesses and organizations communicate with the world. Remember, in a world inundated with messages, it’s the voice that sounds the most like yours, the unscripted, genuine one, that will cut through the noise. By helping your spokespeople find their genuine voice and share relatable, human stories, Red Shoes can help you not only stay ahead of the curve but establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the public and media. Contact the award-winning Red Shoes earned media team today.  

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