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Bolster your construction brand with media relations



 When companies are looking to bolster their brand name, media relations can help businesses increase media visibility and reach a wider audience. A small, regional construction company came to Red Shoes with a need for content that would get their brand visibility in their target markets. Over the years, this company has not been very active in PR and has been inconsistent in bringing its many good works to light. They wanted to provide a more consistent picture of their company, the services they provide and the projects they work on.


 The construction company leaned on Red Shoes’ vast experience in media relations. With our customized plan and regular media outreach, we were able to secure an impressive 62% boost in media mentions in just six months. Not only that, Red Shoes ensured that the media placements were of high value, thus propelling the brand towards its goal of increasing brand awareness and positioning the company as a preferred commercial and residential contracting partner.

What We Accomplished

62% increase in media coverage

In 6 months, media mentions increased by 62% compared to the previous 6 months.

Bolster your construction brand with media relations

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