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Creating a more impactful online presence in engineering



Showcase scope of services in an easy-to-understand way

After completing a comprehensive marketing plan with Red Shoes Inc., the need for a new website look and feel was identified as a top priority. This client wanted their new website to engage visitors but equally as important was showcasing their current scope of services in an easy-to-understand way.

Founded more than 100 years ago, this client had grown its offerings throughout the years but its website did not properly display the breadth of services or long-standing excellence in its field.


Use the brand structure identified in the marketing plan to educate website experience.

Red Shoes used the brand structure created by the marketing plan to highlight the core service divisions for this client. Then, they updated the website to focus on the user experience by using the navigation of WHAT the company does and WHO they serve so any visitor could easily discover not only what they were initially looking for but related services. Finally, using captivating copy and sleek design, Red Shoes helped to highlight the company’s people and projects throughout the site to proudly display their extensive experience within the communities they serve.

What We Accomplished

Improved user experience

Red Shoes improved the user experience by streamlining the website’s navigation focusing on WHAT their client does and WHO they serve.

Increased opportunities for engagement

The website was designed to include many calls to action and opportunities for potential clients to reach out and engage with the company.

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