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Increasing healthcare patient volume with digital ads



The orthopedic hand specialists of an independent orthopedic clinic faced a significant drop in patient numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic. By 2022, their patient volume had not yet returned to pre-pandemic 2019 levels. The company’s goal was to refill their doctor’s schedules and recapture their previous patient volumes.


Red Shoes conducted extensive research by analyzing reports on musculoskeletal symptoms and segmenting them into categories. This data enabled them to determine the ideal target audience – specifically gender and age demographics and location.

To make the ad creative stand out from the competition, Red Shoes designed an innovative concept that mirrored the idea of captcha tests (where users select all relevant images to prove they’re human). This familiar, interactive approach encouraged users to click and engage with the ad.

What We Accomplished

2,200 clicks to our client’s website

In less than six months the digital ads resulted in in more than 2,200 clicks, directing users to the clinic’s website.

Fully booked schedules

The orthopedic hand specialists reported fully booked schedules as a result of the campaign



Increasing healthcare patient volume with digital ads

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