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Success in travel industry promotion with media relations



A travel client approached Red Shoes Inc. with the challenge of securing multiple stories in major publications, including The Wall Street Journal. The objective was to increase brand recognition and audience reach at a national level, enhancing the client’s reputation as a thought leader in the travel industry.


Red Shoes believes in the power of persistence, deep market research, and understanding the target audience when pitching stories to the media. Red Shoes conducted extensive research to identify travel reporters at The Wall Street Journal, and then started pitching relevant stories to these reporters. Many of the pitches were centered around current news cycle topics. Though Red Shoes did not secure a story on this topic immediately, the persistence in showcasing the client as an industry thought leader eventually yielded results – after several months, one of the reporters reached out to Red Shoes for a story on traveling to areas of unrest. This story was published online, and a few days later, it made its way to the print edition of The Wall Street Journal.

What We Accomplished

Established a relationship with a major travel journalist

Following the initial story, the same reporter reached out twice more to speak with different members of the travel company. The relationship with a major travel journalist was established.

Audience reach of 656,654

These placements reached an audience 656,654 across the nation, representing a third of the client’s fiscal year goal for audience reach, achieved through a few targeted placements in a single reputable national publication.

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