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Targeted digital campaign boosts healthcare hiring



 Find a new way to staff difficult-to-fill positions

An Elder Services client was having a hard time recruiting the right people in a tough labor market when they reached out to Red Shoes for help. Together, they were able to not only fill positions throughout the organization, including CNAs and nutrition service employees, but have a waiting list for some roles of eager applicants in their files.


Develop a strategic digital advertising campaign

Red Shoes worked to identify who their best-fit employee may be and where they had the opportunity to reach similar individuals. Then, by developing a strategic digital advertising campaign, targeted those individuals and groups to inform them of the opening. Red Shoes also created a more robust landing page for the job listing to highlight company culture and the benefits of working for the organization and helped to simplify the online job application, creating a low-effort process for applicants.

What We Accomplished

11,000 clicks to our client’s website

After the first year of the digital recruitment campaign, nearly 11,000 clicks came to our client’s careers webpage.


Turnover significantly reduced 

Turnover for one month in 2023 was at a low 1.64%, reduced from 6.17% in the same month the year prior, showing that the campaign was targeting the right, qualified job candidates.

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