In a time when every company is on the hunt for talent, how do you stand out from the competition and reach your next superstar? Don’t overthink your communication plan. The key to reaching your target audience of potential employees is following the basics of a solid marketing effort. We’ve outlined them below:

Clear messaging

A strong corporate mission, a clear job description and a great landing page to lay it all out for prospective employees sets the foundation to a great recruitment strategy. You can continue to build on these pieces as you actively recruit and reach the people most qualified for your open positions.

Clever content

While you’re designing your landing page and updating the job descriptions, consider a video showcasing your corporate culture, or written testimonials from current employees about what makes your company a great place to work. Be sure these are diverse and cover points of difference such as benefits, vacation, work life balance or company culture. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative in your presentation to really stand out.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising puts your job in front of those who are looking right now, and those who are just beginning to think about changing careers. A variety of digital advertising products can target people based on locations (like a similar industry or school that specializes in your field), online behavior or reading the day’s headlines. By layering digital advertising into your overall strategy, you are staying in front of potential future employees, so they go to your website first to search for open positions, before heading over to your competitors.

Social media

Adding recruitment posts to your social media content planning is important when looking for new members of your team, but to reach a variety of people you need to try different things. Be sure to post your hiring message multiple times using a mix of video, photo and clickable links. This mix will ensure you are maximizing your potential to capture the attention of your next great hire.

Public relations efforts

Part of recruitment efforts is letting people know you are looking. While you may have done that in the steps above, consider soliciting the help of your local media to get the word out. Work with your communication partners to find a great hook, attend job fairs that may attract media coverage and be sure you have a spokesperson ready to talk about the great reasons to work at your company.

Word of mouth

Don’t forget to use your company’s best advocates – current employees. Most times, your best perspective employees will come from the people you already have in your organization. Encourage employees to engage with all of the things we’ve already identified above with internal competitions. Consider creating a referral program to really amp up your recruitment strategies.

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