Developing high-quality marketing materials to gain and retain clients is a crucial part of your marketing efforts. However, creating high-quality content can be time-consuming.  AI can help by reducing the effort and time spent on producing content. At Red Shoes Inc., we started using AI as a tool to help with brainstorming and developing drafts.

Let’s explore ways that you can use Al tools to enhance your marketing efforts, compare a couple of popular AI tools and review best practices for using Al to generate marketing content.

ChatGPT vs. Jasper AI                                                     

First, what is ChatGPT vs. Jasper AI?

Both ChatGPT and Jasper AI are sophisticated writing assistants that can generate human-like text, making them invaluable tools for businesses. While both platforms use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze and understand content, each has different capabilities and strengths. By understanding the differences between these platforms, you can choose the right AI tool for your specific needs.

ChatGPT by OpenAI

At a Glance:

ChatGPT generates diverse text content fast, from product details to customer interactions. Chat GPT is primarily used for interactive content generation, for example, answering customer inquiries and simulating human conversation.


1. Generating human-like text in high-quality conversational responses
2. Analyzing emotions and responding accordingly
3. Adapting to a wide range of tasks

Best Used for

1. Interacting with customers
2. Drafting emails, writing essays, creating written content and even coding assistance


1. It cannot access real-time Internet information so it cannot provide up-to-date news or information
2. It sometimes writes incorrect answers


ChatGPT is currently free. An enhanced subscription, ChatGPT Plus, costs $20 per month.

Jasper AI

At a Glance:

Jasper AI provides templates to produce consistent and targeted promotional content.

Tailored for the marketing industry, Jasper AI assists users in creating marketing materials. The platform offers features like a chat interface, a rich content editor, and templates for various content types, such as blog posts or company bios. The user enters information through a prompted process to create specific marketing pieces.

Best Used for

1. Creating written marketing content through a guided creation process
2. Drafting written materials


1. It can only give one reply for each user request
2. It can provide inaccurate information


Jasper AI has three pricing tiers. The most basic plan costs between $39 to $49 per month. Team plans start at $99 or $125 per month, with custom pricing available for Business plans.

Which One is Right for You?

Both ChatGPT and Jasper AI provide enhanced efficiency for content creation. ChatGPT produces truly natural text, while Jasper AI sets retrieves live data from the web to draft promotional materials.

When deciding between the two, it all comes down to your individual needs. If you require real-time marketing materials based on dynamic information, Jasper AI is the best choice. On the flip side, if you desire a strong and reliable specialized yet versatile text generator that mimics human interactions, then ChatGPT is the perfect tool for you.

Best Practices

Treat it as An Assistant Not a Replacement

Using AI as a tool can certainly help save time but it is critical to view it as a tool and not a whole solution. You need to critically edit AI-generated content for accuracy, to match your brand voice and to ensure that it meets your high standard quality of work.


As with anything on the Internet, while both companies are dedicated to practicing the highest security standards, you need to avoid entering private or proprietary information into AI tools. You can enter placeholders or general information but avoid entering what should not be public information.

*Please note that prices may vary and it’s best to check the official websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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