A popular way to get engagement on your business Facebook page is by having a contest or sweepstakes, but did you know Facebook has strict rules surrounding these contests? As algorithms change, it is important to make sure you are up-to-date with the latest information if you are going to run contests or sweepstakes on your business page. Facebook Pages are a vital communication tool for businesses and in order to keep your content safe on the platform and continue to use Facebook as a business tool, it is important to follow the rules. Here is what you will need if you are going to run a contest or sweepstakes, such as: 

  • Offer terms and eligibility requirements (age or residency restrictions): you must be 21 or older to enter OR you must live in the United States to enter 
  • “A complete release of Facebook” (this can be done through a landing page) and an acknowledgement that Facebook has nothing to do with it 

There are several kinds of contests or sweepstakes you can run on your business page and, if you like to come up with creative ideas for your customers, a contest or sweepstakes can be a good way to get a customer excited about getting involved with your page.  Listed below you will find some good and bad examples of contests and sweepstakes: 

Good Example 

  • Like or comment on post  
  • For example: Like or comment on this post to win a sweatshirt 
  • Photo contest – comment a picture or submit a picture on a landing page 
  • For example: Your picture could be our next billboard, your picture could be featured on our social media page or the best picture could win $10,000 
  • Caption or Naming contest – post a picture and ask for feedback 
  • For example: Have Facebook followers help name your new product or caption this staff member  

Bad Example 

  • Share this post 
  • Share this post on your friend’s timeline 
  • Tag a friend 
  • Buy a product to be entered (this is considered a lottery)  

Not only are these a great way to get engagement but it can help your business to get great user-generated marketing materials.  Your business can build its content library all while the Facebook users can inspire brand loyalty.   

If you follow these rules and come up with a creative contest/sweepstakes, you are sure to generate some engagement on your business page.  For assistance with your Facebook and social media presence, contact Red Shoes Inc. at 920.574.3253 or find the full listing of Facebook Policies here.  

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