In the world of digital branding, your employees can be your most powerful advocates. LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, provides the perfect landscape for your team to actively participate in shaping and promoting your company’s brand. Here are some practical steps to get your employees involved.

Step 1: Make Your LinkedIn Page Reflect Your Brand

Your company’s LinkedIn page serves as the foundation for your branding efforts on the platform. It should reflect your brand identity accurately, which includes an up-to-date cover photo and company information.

The cover photo is a valuable branding asset. It could feature your team, highlight your product or services or represent your mission visually. Regularly updating it to correspond with ongoing campaigns or company events can keep your page fresh and engaging.

Ensure all the information about your company is current and compelling. This includes the company description, location addresses, specialties and website links. An updated page not only bolsters your brand image but also builds credibility with your audience.

Step 2: Motivate Employees to Engage with Your Company’s Content

When your employees involved on LinkedIn engage with your company’s posts, it improves your visibility on LinkedIn. Their connections can see these interactions, widening the reach of your content.

Encourage your employees to like and comment on your company’s posts. You could even turn this into a friendly competition, with recognition or small rewards for the most engaged employees each month.

Step 3: Provide Valuable Content for Employees to Share

Regularly sharing valuable content on your LinkedIn page gives your employees something to engage with and share. This could include insightful blog posts, industry news, company achievements or employee spotlights.

The most valuable posts for employees to share are hiring posts. Encourage your team to get employees Involved on LinkedIn and share your page’s hiring posts and share a little bit about why they love working at your company. Getting employees to prompt others to work with them speaks volumes about culture, benefits and much more.

Providing value should be at the heart of your content strategy. This approach not only positions your company as a thought leader but also makes your employees proud to be part of your organization and more likely to share your content

Step 4: Empower Your Employees to Share Their Stories

People connect with people. Encouraging your employees to share their authentic experiences at your company can humanize your brand and extend your reach on LinkedIn.

One effective way to do this is through ‘My Career Journey’ posts. These are posts where employees share their career path, learnings or growth at your company. This kind of content can give potential employees an insight into your company’s culture and values.

To facilitate this process, provide your employees with easy-to-use templates, draft posts that they can personalize or request information from employees to create content for your page. This approach ensures consistency in your messaging while allowing your employees to express their unique perspectives.

In conclusion, LinkedIn serves as a powerful tool in your branding toolkit, especially when you leverage the collective influence of your employees. By getting your employees Involved on LinkedIn and creating a collaborative company page, encouraging employees to share their stories, motivating them to engage with your content and providing valuable content for them to share, you can create a strong and authentic brand presence on LinkedIn.


Remember, these FAQs are intended to provide general guidance. Tailor your strategies based on your organization’s specific goals and objectives.

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