Hashtags can be an incredibly important tool in achieving a broader social media reach, but could be inefficient if they are not used properly. Have you ever wondered when to use hashtags? What hashtags should you use? Have no fear! We can help.

What is a hashtag?

According to the dictionary, “a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic.” Red Shoes would add that a hashtag is a tool to expand reach on social media, primarily using Twitter and Instagram.

When to use a hashtag?

Hashtags thrive on Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, use just a couple hashtags in the post because there is a limit of 280 characters. On Instagram, it is best practice to place at least 10 hashtags in the first comment even though the limit would be 30. If you use all 30, then you are at the higher risk of Instagram flagging your account for pushing the hashtag limit. Keep the hashtags between 10 and 28 total.

When NOT to use a hashtag?

Red Shoes doesn’t recommend using hashtags on Facebook for a couple of reasons:

1. For personal pages, if the privacy settings are set to private, then the post and any hashtags used are not searchable

2. Facebook will pull keywords whether there is a # in front of it or not

3. Don’t use hashtags that are obscure or something that no one is going to search or follow. A great example of this is when a mom hashtags their child’s name.

Use hashtags that are relevant keywords for you or your business. If you sell makeup, use hashtags like #wingedeyeliner or #lashgoals. We would recommend to do some research before starting to see what are common hashtags for your industry.

What hashtags should I use?

A list of magic hashtags that are “most common” unfortunately doesn’t exist. Truly, the only person who can define the best hashtags for your company is YOU through research. Using popular hashtags with 1 million+ posts is not ideal because that means your post will be pushed down the feed faster. Aim to use hashtags primarily within 15,000 – 500,000 posts. The best way to research this is by going into the Instagram app and manually typing in hashtag ideas that you think would be best and taking notes along the way.

With these tips, you are sure to have hashtag success for all your social media platforms. If you are still looking for some help with the leg work or research on what hashtags are the best, contact Red Shoes Inc. at (920) 574 – 3253.

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