As many in the marketing world know, it can be difficult to measure the success of advertising campaigns. Don’t get us wrong – we love a fun billboard with a punchy message or a print advertisement that tells a brand’s story, but how do you truly know if these pieces are working? Businesses need more than just “X number of cars passed your billboard” or “this print publication has a circulation of Y.” Instead, businesses are looking for how an advertising campaign converts its target audience from experiencing an ad into taking measurable action.  
Digital advertising is the answer and we are fortunate to have a strong partnership with a digital advertising firm that knows the ins, outs and nuances of the digital world where things are constantly changing.  
Red Shoes, along with our digital marketing partner, recently ran a month-long digital advertising campaign for one of our clients to promote an award they won. The ads we used were categorized as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) display ads, meaning the online ads featured some type of image, video or sound component. In this case, we highlighted an image of the employees and thanked viewers for voting for our client. With a goal of increasing relevant traffic to our client’s website, it was our mission to make sure we reached the right audience at the right time by capturing viewers when they were in research mode.  
Within one month’s time, the display ads were viewed more than 430,000 times and the ad itself received more than 1,000 clicks to the client’s website. Not only were these results fantastic, but they also targeted our very specific audience that we outlined with our client. Through the targeting we set up on the front end and throughout the campaign, we could be confident that the ads were not being served to people it did not apply to.  

Our team can also take the website analytics one step further and track additional audience actions. For example, was a form filled out? Was a number called? Was an appointment set up? This helps us gain a deeper understanding of our client’s audience and how well certain website features are performing. 
It’s stats like these that fuel Red Shoes to continue bringing our clients options that show results and directly impact the client’s bottom line. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can customize digital advertising to help meet your business goals, contact us today by calling 920-574-3253, or by emailing

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