Do you ever wonder why some social media pages always have a ton of engagement and loyal followers? You might question why you aren’t seeing the same success for your business. While algorithms do have a significant impact on engagement rates, it could be time to take a look at your content strategy. 

Even though you may be running a very clean-cut, professional brand, social media is one place where you can let loose. Research has shown that the reason Instagram stories have become so popular is because the content is unedited, authentic, and not the cookie-cutter advertisements we are used to seeing all over the internet. 

So the question is: how can you bring that authenticity to Facebook? Here are some tips that can help. 

  1. Don’t overthink your content. Sometimes we put so much pressure on having that “perfect” post and, in turn, we lose some of the fun.  
  1. Your employees have lives outside of work, are they willing to talk about it? For example, if you are running a page for a construction company, ask one of your female employees to talk about being a mom while working full-time in construction. By doing this, you are opening the door to a wider audience and engaging employees. 
  1. Embrace your crazy ideas. If you have a crazy content idea, get a second opinion before shutting yourself down. You never quite know what is going to be your next hugely successful post, so you want to keep yourself open to thinking outside the box. 
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