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Businesses around the globe are fighting to get their content seen by more people on Facebook. But with the algorithm change that happened last year, it’s harder and harder to achieve the same results. Social media is becoming a pay-to-play platform, but at Red Shoes, we have seen huge success for numerous clients who use one specific type of post: Giveaways! 

There are two main reasons why giveaway posts perform better than any other organic post: People love free stuff and winning makes them feel recognized and special, even if it’s only for a minute. 

What we have found to be most surprising is that the prize doesn’t have to be extravagant. Even posts that don’t say what the prize is are successful! Here are a few prize ideas to help you get started on your next giveaway post: 

  1. A hat: In this cold winter, everyone could use another hat. 
  1. A mug: While most of us think of coffee, maybe include a little recipe card for a mug cake to go the extra mile. 
  1. A gift card: Even if it’s only $5, check with locally owned stores and see if they would be willing to partner with you on social media in exchange for prizes. By doing this, you are actually helping that small business reach a broader audience and bringing a new customer in the store to spend that gift card. #ShopLocal 
  1. Surprise bag: This one is especially fun because you can make a Facebook Live out of it. Fill a jar with items written on paper. Host a live drawing so people can watch in anticipation to see if they will be a winner along with the surprise of winning whatever the paper says. 

Please let us know if you try a giveaway on your profile and how it works for you. This tried and true method is sure to bring that organic engagement boost your page needs! 

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