As we mentioned in our blog about updating your landing page, there are a lot of businesses with open positions to fill in all different types of the workforce, but how do you make it so your digital ads capture someone’s attention over your competitors?

It is found that 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious, and reaching someone for job opportunities isn’t any different. Take a look at this for example:

People are spending more money on things that have been branded for certain feelings, emotions, or status symbols. Starbucks may not be the best cup of coffee, but it’s been branded as a coffee that makes you feel happy. When you see someone wearing a Lacoste shirt, you immediately think “Wow, they spent a lot of money on that shirt” and it becomes a status symbol.

Recruitment advertising is no different. You want to relate to people on an emotional level. I saw a video recruitment ad for a trucking company that hit the nail on the head. They were looking for drivers and they did a video with a high school-aged girl talking about her dad always missing family dinners, her volleyball games and track meets because he was on the road working. She then went on to say that ever since he started working at “XYZ Trucking”, he’s been home every night to enjoy family dinner, and he is there to watch her volleyball games and track meets.

I am not even looking for a new job, but that video ad speaks to me!

People will not only purchase goods and services based on emotions, but they will also make big life changes based on emotions and that ad right there is a great example of using emotion to reach someone.

Above and beyond the subconscious message your digital ad should always have 5 things:

  1. A strong call to action
  2. A main message/benefit you want to get across
  3. Keywords within your text
  4. High-quality visuals
  5. Keep it simple

Need help coming up with a clever, eye-grabbing campaign and visual? Give us a call or email and we will bring your recruitment ads to life!

Lastly, we’ll leave you with some other clever ads that are making businesses stand apart from their competitors by grabbing the attention of job seekers using humor:

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