With a long history of working with healthcare clients, Red Shoes Inc. develops tailored communication strategies that resonate with healthcare audiences. By keeping up with the latest healthcare trends, Red Shoes provides clients with effective, impactful strategies and campaigns, serving as a trusted communication partner in the healthcare field.

Empowering Patient Choice in Healthcare Referrals

Patient referrals typically move from general practitioners to specialists within a healthcare system. However, providers within these systems might not always share all available options with patients. They may solely recommend in-system physicians, overlooking potentially faster or more suitable alternatives outside of their network. Patients should be aware of their freedom to choose where they receive services, even if it is outside of their general practitioner’s health system.

Marketing directly to patients

Healthcare providers need to market their offerings directly to patients and this calls for clear messages that educate patients.

Explaining healthcare systems for patients

One of the critical challenges facing healthcare marketers today is simplifying the complexities of the system for patients. It is important to clearly explain the differences between care from independent practices versus care from hospitals and health systems and highlight the benefits. Here are a few tips to rely on when it comes to achieving clear, communication that patients understand:

  1. Use clear, accessible language: Avoid jargon and complex medical terminology and use language that is understood at a fifth-grade level. Opt for straightforward, easily digestible language that provides patients with information they can use to make health decisions.
    • Example: Understanding Your Healthcare Options.
  2. Rely on repetition and alliteration: Including commonly used rhetorical devices makes the messaging more memorable and engaging.
    • Example:Healthy Hearts, Happy Lives: Where Wellness Wins.
  3. Highlight unique strengths: Emphasize the personalized care of independent practices and spotlight what sets your practice apart.
    • Example:Personalized Care: Your Health, Our Priority.
  4. Stick to active verbs: Use an active voice to instill a sense of directness and efficiency in the message and ensure that the content flows and is easy to follow and understand.
    • Example: Empower Your Health: Choose Us and Thrive.
  5. Focus on the positive: Communicate the benefits of choosing your healthcare services. Use patient success stories and testimonials as well as statistics to build trust and credibility.
    • Example: “When I started visiting Dr. Black at the Red Clinic, I couldn’t even climb the stairs without being out of breath. Two years, later, I am running my first 5k. all thanks to the expert care that I received at the Red Cardiology clinic.” – Beck Beckham, 48-years-old, heart disease survivor and current patient at the Red Clinic.

As healthcare marketers, reaching patients directly through clear, positive communication and showcasing your practice’s strengths is key to educating patients and expanding your client base. We’re here to help, contact Red Shoes at 920-574-3253 if you need assistance or are looking to revamp your healthcare marketing materials.

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