Welcome aboard the social media rollercoaster! Buckle up, because 2023 is all about understanding and leveraging social media algorithms. For those of us living in the fast-paced world of PR and marketing, staying ahead of these ever-changing algorithms can seem like trying to tame a wild beast. But fear not, we’ve got your back! Let’s dive into how these algorithms work.

Facebook Algorithm: It’s All About Connections

Imagine Facebook’s algorithm as the most popular kid in school who loves good gossip. It’s always on the lookout for posts that get people talking and interacting and it spreads it around for all to see and hear. Want to befriend this algorithm? Start making content that’s the talk of the town – something that encourages comments, shares, and reactions.

Today, live videos are watched 3x longer than regular videos, according to Facebook Newsroom. Plus, they have the added benefit of real-time audience interaction which the algorithm loves.

Finally, don’t forget to reply, reply, reply! As we have mentioned, the new Facebook algorithm values genuine connections. Responding to all comments not only builds a stronger relationship with your followers but also signals to the algorithm that your post is worth promoting.

Instagram Algorithm: The More, The Merrier

Instagram’s algorithm, much like Facebook, focuses on relationships. Likes, comments, shares, and even the time spent viewing a post feeds the algorithm. So, post frequently, always interact with your followers, and explore Instagram Stories and Reels. Your reward? A cozy spot in your followers’ feeds.

X’s Algorithm: Stay Relevant, Stay Trendy

Despite getting a major facelift and going from Twitter to “X”, the platform’s user base hasn’t budged an inch. Why, you ask? It’s all thanks to its intuitive algorithm, favoring posts that are timely and relevant. Want to get in front of people? Post regularly, chat with your followers, hashtag like there’s no tomorrow, and keep your content as fresh as a morning bagel.

On the flip side, Threads, a new social media player that had the potential to overtake “X” in many ways, has seen a tumble in users. Unlike “X”, which allows users to personalize their algorithm by how they behave, Threads severely limits this. It’s a valuable lesson for digital marketers: the online audience seeks more interactive and engaging experiences. They want to be part of the conversation, not just spectators. So, if you’re looking to extend your reach, make sure you’re engaging and changing with user behaviors to stay relevant and valuable.

LinkedIn Algorithm: Suit Up for Success

In the bustling world of social media, LinkedIn stands out with its own unique rhythm. Its algorithm is like a host at a networking event, deciding who gets introduced to whom based on a range of factors including topics, people, and types of content you engage with. To boost your reach on this platform, start by growing your follower base. You can do this by inviting your 1st-degree connections to follow your LinkedIn page. The more followers, the greater your reach. Also, ensure your content aligns with your audience’s interests which the algorithm identifies based on their profile info and activity.

Engaging directly with content by liking, commenting, and sharing can also increase your reach. Remember, LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritizes content for users based on their closer connections and their interests, determined by the pages, groups, and people they interact with.

Mastering Platforms Across the Board

Across all platforms, timing your posts plays a significant role. Understanding when your audience is most active and scheduling your posts accordingly can significantly boost your post’s visibility. Take risks trying to figure out when your audience is online. Through working with different clients, Red Shoes has learned that while some audiences engage most around lunchtime, others are more active early in the morning or late in the evening. It takes time to find your timing, but it is worth it once engagement doubles on posts.

By understanding these algorithms and tailoring your strategy accordingly, you can effectively expand your reach across different social media platforms. Remember, it’s not just about creating content—it’s about creating meaningful interactions that make your content stand out in the crowd.

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