Creating original content is a great way to engage with your audience and spread valuable information. But what do you do once you’ve created that material? Repurposing your blog content is an effective way to reach different audiences while still delivering the same message. Here are some ways your business can make the most out of your blogs.

1. Social Media Posts

Your business can create quick social media posts with excerpts from your blog posts and direct followers to the full article if they’d like more in-depth information. Using items like direct quotes or even statistics is best for social media. Pair these with appealing graphics or visuals to boost engagement. This can be used across platforms from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn. If you have a blog that is heavy on information, consider creating an infographic to increase attraction.

2. Videos

85 percent of users watch internet videos. Your business can produce short videos to deliver your blog content in an entertaining and engaging way. You can easily create an outline for a how-to video, something more conversational or informational from your blogs. This can be done simply by adding visuals or graphics to the footage or even making use of animation software. Otherwise, sitting your expert down for an interview to share information from your blog works too. Use it as a jumping point to create a full video tutorial, a quick nugget of advice for TikTok or a short video to recap with a link to the blog on Facebook. Whatever you choose to do, make it visual, fast and upbeat.

3. Email Marketing/ E-Newsletters/ Eblasts & Newsletter Content

Blog content makes great newsletter material, as readers have already expressed interest in the subject matter by following your business’ page or subscribing to your newsletters. Pull quotes or information from the blog for your newsletter. Don’t forget to link back to it and encourage your audience to keep reading.  

4. Podcast Episodes

A blog post that covers a particular topic in great detail can easily be turned into podcast episodes. Podcasts are a great way to deliver dry or difficult content in an easily digestible and accessible format. A podcast lets you use a story-telling format to share your personality and expertise. It also enables you a chance to really connect with your audience and create a bond, as if you were sitting in a room together. In addition, podcasts help you reach people who may not have the time to read long-form posts. Feel free to create your own podcast, or contact established podcasts with topic ideas, sharing your blog for proof of expertise in the subject matter.

5. SlideShare Decks

If the blog content is data-heavy or has a lot of information that needs to be presented in an organized way, repurposing it for a SlideShare deck for LinkedIn can be extremely useful. This can help break down complex topics into easily digestible slides. It also makes it easier for readers to quickly skim over the content and get what they need from it without having to read through long paragraphs.

6. Repurposing to Media

You can also submit blog content as content for local media, who are often looking for content. Check local media outlets’ editorial calendars to see if your blogs fit their upcoming topics. By being featured as a source in an article, you are positioning your business as an expert and at the same time, expanding your audience.

7. Partners

If you work with partners or member organizations, encourage them to share your blog content on their channels. This is a powerful, yet easy way to reach new audiences and boost engagement. But while it’s easy enough to ask, providing them with the information that they need early in the process is key for making sure that the process runs smoothly and offers both parties mutual benefits. Make sure that any request for sharing includes:

  • A clear overview of what type of content you are asking them to share (e.g., links only, specific types of images or videos)
  • Links or attachments so they can quickly access the content you want to be shared
  • Guidelines as to what channels to post on and when to post it (e.g., a timeframe or specific date and time)
  • Any other relevant information such as hashtags or promotional materials

By giving partners these resources upfront, you make it much easier for them to promote your content effectively, and thus, increase its reach significantly.

Creating valuable, evergreen content that resonates with your audience is a great way to connect with your customers. You can repurpose that content in a variety of ways, including boosting social media engagement by sharing excerpts from your blogs on social media, or using that same information to create a video or record a podcast. These methods save you time while also maximizing the impact of each piece of content you produce. Start brainstorming and repurposing your own content today to get more mileage out of the time and effort you that put into creating it.

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