In 2013, Red Shoes wrote a blog about team building that ended up generating a great conversation around the topic. We thought it was time to open up the team building topic again and bring a 2019 perspective.  

With new generations entering the workforce there are a lot of different mindsets, opinions and actions entering as well. Team building can help pull all the different generations together and create a great work environment. Here are some of the most important facts about team building that reaches all generations: 

  • Socializing and networking: Every company wants to create an environment for their employees to feel comfortable and excited to walk into the office. When employees network or socialize with each other it creates a sense of comradery. It not only increases productivity and morale, but it also decreases everyday workplace issues that may happen throughout the office.  
  • Communication and creativity: This was relevant back in 2013, and it is still relevant today. When people are around individuals that make them comfortable it fosters positive workplace collaboration and a successful workplace. Communication and creativity go hand and hand – if you feel comfortable with the people around you, it helps open your imagination and make you more confident.    
  • Embrace diversity among employees: When you have employees that have all different backgrounds it could be intimidating for them to come in and feel comfortable. It is only natural for humans to feel connected with people that have things in common. When you host team building events you could include exercises that helps bring people together like a cultural potluck, ice breaker games or a lunch and learn. These things could help employees understand each other’s background better and feel more comfortable in the workplace.  
  • Overall employee happiness: Employees that are happy are more productive, engaged and more comfortable in the office. These three attributes you can help attract and retain employees and minimize tension or stress in your office.  
  • Open door policy: An open door policy portrays transparency throughout the office space. It lets employees know that they can stop into anyone’s office with questions, concerns or solutions to problems in a comfortable setting. Transparency encourages employees to speak their mind and makes them feel heard. This type of transparency helps attract and retain employees for many years.  

Here at Red Shoes Inc. we have two staff meetings a week with our whole team. One staff meeting on Monday to talk through capacity, meetings or events that are coming up that week and one on Thursday to talk through peaks of the week (personal or professional), problems and solutions and any upcoming events we should be aware of. From birthday celebrations to idea lab brainstorms Red Shoes Inc. provides a family-like culture. We also encourage every team to take a retreat every year to touch base about the business and goals, but to do fun outings together. When we have those moments it helps us get connected with our team members and lets employees know we are in this together. When you take time to invest in your employees it helps them feel appreciated and respected. Any other team building ideas? Leave a comment!  

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