In today’s digital era, getting earned media coverage has become more important than ever. Securing earned media coverage in top-tier publications can help businesses build credibility and increase brand awareness on a national and even, global stage. Using time, effort, expertise and quick action, Red Shoes Inc. helps clients secure media coverage in publications that will get you noticed. In 2023 alone, Red Shoes has secured stories with HuffPost, USA-Today, Wall Street Journal and FOX News Weather, as well as with numerous trade publications, local media outlets and podcasts.  

Using a recent success story from Red Shoes in which we secured a HuffPost and syndicated Yahoo! News story for a client, the following are a couple of things to keep in mind when working to secure coverage with highly-read publications:  

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring forms the bedrock of securing targeted content placement. At Red Shoes, we understand the importance of this tenet and implement it by keeping a close watch on media coverage multiple times daily. Utilizing online platforms such as ‘Help a Reporter Out’ (HARO) and QWOTED, we bridge the gap between journalists seeking expert commentary and sources who can provide unique insights on a variety of subjects. HARO serves as a channel for journalists to access expert knowledge across diverse fields, facilitating interviews or email interactions. This platform regularly hosts requests from high-caliber, top-tier publications including but not limited to The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, USA TODAY, The New York Times, HuffPost, and Fox News. Through these mechanisms, Red Shoes ensures that your content finds its rightful place in the media landscape.  

Media Opportunity Evaluation

A successful strategy always involves carefully examining each media request that relates to a client’s specialty, as well as the size and influence of the publication. For example, at Red Shoes, we would find an opportunity that fits with a client’s media goals, then quickly touch base with the client. They would discuss the chance to get involved, what the client needs to do and when these tasks need to be completed by.  

Using our example, recently, Red Shoes found a HARO request that was an excellent fit for a client’s expertise. Notably, this was a topic the client had said they were interested in talking about. This example shows how a personalized approach can help clients make the most of earned media opportunities.  

Items Needed

With our most recent success story, Red Shoes reached out to the client immediately and outlined what was needed, next steps and deadline. This case demonstrates how promptness and clear communication can lead to successful media engagement  

Red Shoes Vetted and Approved

Red Shoes always reviews responses and works with clients to make sure that they are clear, concise and what the reporter requested. Red Shoes also works closely with clients to ensure that they are informed and involved in the process at every step of the way.  

Fast Deadlines

It is important to understand that the turnaround time journalists need for most of these publication opportunities are typically much faster, with deadlines ranging from within the day to a few business days. Red Shoes always advises clients to act as quickly as possible since first responses may have a better chance of being selected and journalists can turn off the query as soon as they receive enough responses, even before the deadline is up.  

With this most recent example, the turnaround time was 48 hours.

Possible Additional Steps

After submitting responses from the client, the information that you provide may be sufficient or the journalist may want to conduct a follow-up interview or request additional information. It’s important that you or your firm keeps your clients in the know as things move along. At Red Shoes we work with our clients every step of the way to ensure that the journalist has everything that he or she requested.  

Coverage and Timing is Not Guaranteed

It’s important to note that journalists will often get multiple submissions, so HARO requests do not guarantee story inclusion. Red Shoes has noticed that quick, timely responses and/or dynamic/interesting angles can increase the chances for article inclusion.  

Following up with reporter can help but does not always guarantee a response, which was the case with Red Shoe’s latest placement. Fortunately, through monitoring media clips closely, Red Shoes found the submitted article not only on HuffPost, but also syndicated on Yahoo News.  

Measuring Success

Measuring the success of media coverage is critical to understanding the impact of public relations efforts. Red Shoes has found that tracking the media coverage that our clients receive along with detailed reports helps to refine our strategy and ensure that our clients are getting the best possible results from our efforts.  

In this case, the syndicated clip greatly increased the client’s media reach numbers, moving the client closer to its yearly media goals.  

Help is Here

We know that tackling big publications can be intimidating, but Red Shoes is here to help. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of platforms like HARO and QWOTED and how they work. We know that through working closely with our clients to craft the perfect pitch, building relationships with journalists, managing the process and measuring success we greatly increase the chances of getting media coverage in top-tier publications. Red Shoes has experts that build close relationships with local and national outlets, provide media training and advise clients on media relations tactics. Please reach out if you would like Red Shoes to help you maximize your company’s media relations efforts at (920) 574-3253 or email to set up a consultation.

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