Branded Photography 

A brand’s visual identity is made up of a variety of elements including logos, fonts, colors and more. An area that is often overlooked is branded photography. Branded photography allows a business or organization to paint a picture for the customer. Whether an organization is product-or-service oriented, branded photography can help a potential customer visualize their need for a product or service that an organization offers. It can also help with hiring efforts by helping potential employees visualize what it is like to work at an organization and its workplace culture. 

Here are some types of photos that can help your organization bring the visual aspects of your brand to a higher level. 

Headshots: A headshot is a picture from shoulders and above of an individual team member in a professional setting. Headshots are often used to display your team on a website or in a physical environment. Many organizations opt to have the team members that are front-facing, the one’s that are interacting with customers, displayed in a way that customers can associate products or services with a friendly face. Potential customers look at these pictures for a variety of reasons; perhaps they are drawn to the organization because they know someone that works there or they have worked with someone in the past and want to do more business.  

Candid: What does a typical day look like? People want to see behind the scenes or real-life pictures of what an organization does. For example, a landscaping company might take pictures of an employee on a lawnmower or building a retaining wall, while a bakery might take pictures of someone pulling cupcakes out of the oven or the mixer that is used to make the cupcakes. Not only can these photos be good to show the services/products, but they can be good to show the values of the organization. In a situation where an organization might be hiring, these photos can be used to attract a potential employee.   

Product Shot: If an organization sells a physical product, it can be crucial to get photos with good lighting to help sell products. These types of photos are good for websites in the descriptions of products/services and on social media channels. By not using stock photography, an organization can set the expectation of the quality of the product or service a customer will receive. It is also good to get photos of the products in the real world to increase the desire for these products. The goal of a product photos is to make a potential customer say, “I want that.”  

Special Event or Tradition: How and what does an organization celebrate? Getting photos of a special event or tradition is another way to show how an organization stands out. For example, if an organization pays for an employee to go to a specialized training/conference, that is a way to show the workplace culture of valuing employees. It is both beneficial for a potential employee and customers to see. 

By using branded photography, it allows a customer to have a better understanding of what an organization does and shows what the organization’s point of difference is. If you have questions about branded photography or would like to talk more about what branded photography would look like for your organization, give the Red Shoes team a call at (920) 574-3253. 

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