You already know that the foundation of a great digital advertising campaign is a strong landing page. You didn’t know? Well click here to go back and read all about what your recruitment landing page should have.

Once you have the landing page in place, you can begin looking at increasing traffic to those pages. Digital ad campaigns drive awareness, engagement and strong applicant flow, so let’s talk about the different types of digital advertising that works well for recruitment:

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Social Mirror™
  • Mobile Conquesting™
  • Video Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Amazon
  • Online Audio
  • Google Pay-Per-Click

Filling general or entry-level positions

The goal of the campaign is going to help be a deciding factor when determining what product(s) are the best to use for that particular recruitment campaign. If the goal is to find part-time workers, college-aged students, to fill entry-level positions, or attract those with general skills, the two best products would be Facebook and Instagram, and Social Mirror™.  These two products allow for a little more flexibility with how much text is allowed in those ads and they also typically drive higher conversion rates.

Now, when we are looking at Facebook and Instagram for recruitment, you want to keep in mind that there are restrictions when it comes to how we are targeting job seekers. For example, if you are looking for a very highly specialized type of person like a mechanical engineer, you can’t target that job description for recruitment. That is one reason we recommend using Facebook and Instagram for more general positions that have more mass appeal. Because of the restrictions in targeting specific job titles on Facebook or Instagram we recommend other digital products if you need to find someone highly specialized.

Filling specialized positions

If the goal of a campaign is to target a highly specific type of worker or a certain type of profession, then you’ll want to look at running video, Social Mirror™, native, and/or display ads. All of these products have more than 100,000 categories that we can target, including B2B and recruitment categories. The recruitment-specific categories allow us to target people of a certain skill, or by specific job titles.

So, for the example below, Idaho Department of Correction was able to target people who had job titles such as security guard, police officer, corrections officer, etc.

Mobile conquesting and cross-platform targeting

Now, maybe you’re a business that is trying to fill more blue-collar positions or trying to reach moms, fast food workers, or want to target employees at a competitor’s location. This is where you’ll want to utilize Mobile Conquesting™.  With this product, you can target online and offline behaviors, and we can also use geo-fencing and geo-retargeting to reach potential employees at their current place of employment. With Mobile Conquesting™, keep in mind that most people are typically applying for jobs on larger devices like laptops and desktops. They might see the ad on their mobile device and then later go to their desktop to read more about the position and apply, which is going to cause the conversion rate to be lower for Mobile Conquesting™.  

Something that will help increase those conversion numbers would be adding in Cross-Platform Targeting where we are now following people who have been served the mobile ads (whether they clicked on the ad or not), onto other ad platforms on ANY devices they use.

So maybe I see an ad for Infinity on my phone while I’m at work, but I don’t want to apply while I am working, so I don’t click on it. Later that night, I go home and get on my desktop and now I have the potential to see that same ad on my desktop. Cross-platform ads can leverage several products including display, native display, video pre-roll, Facebook and Instagram, and Social Mirror™ ads.

If a company is looking to do a recruitment campaign that is tailored more toward driving traffic to their website, reaching a wide audience or increasing branding and awareness, some products to consider would be Amazon targeting ads, online audio, and/or Google Pay-Per-Click (aka Google Ads). These products would be good for a business that wants to get its name in front of a vast audience.

Amazon targeting ads

With Amazon, we can target by behaviors, or we can use a contact list you already have of people that have applied for positions in the past. We can use that list and serve ads to people while they’re on, using Amazon-owned properties (, IMDb TV, Fire TV), and across Amazon Publishers.

Online audio

Online audio is a fantastic tool to reach individuals who are currently employed and not actively looking for a new job, but who may be open to a good career opportunity if one came along. This audience is also known as a “passive job seeker”. You might be able to grab their attention with an online audio ad while they are sitting at their desk at work. They might hear that ad after having a not-so-pleasant encounter with their boss, prompting them to check out your website to get more information.

Google Pay-Per-Click

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are going to be a good fit for businesses that have a lot of brand recognition and a larger budget. Using PPC as a strategy for recruitment can get expensive because it can become a challenge to keep the cost per click low when using certain search terms like “new career”, “now hiring”, “recruitment”, and “job openings”. Since these words are considered competitive keywords, they are going to cost more to bid on which can chip away at a budget quickly.

Want to find the right digital product to fit your needs? Let us help you meet your goals and increase your pool of job candidates. Call or email our team to get started.

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