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According to a Pulse Advertising social media study, 85 percent of internet traffic in 2019 was video in the United States. That’s a large amount of people consuming internet videos, which can range in formats from educational, story-telling, animated, advertising-focused or even demonstrational. 

The facts cannot be ignored, people would rather watch a 1-minute or less video, than read a whole article or read a portion of a website. As younger generations begin to take on the workforce, this trend is only growing. 

This means, as a business owner, to stay relevant and get your message out to your target audience, you have to be in the video space, especially when it comes to social media content. The phrase “video is king” in the social media landscape is not by accident, companies who use videos get much better engagement and reactions on their posts. 

Video also allows your company to let your audience in. Video is a show-and-tell medium so you can easily explain a process, show a company’s culture or even tell someone’s story with video in a way other forms of media cannot. Additionally, producing enough video content allows some companies to start up a brand newsroom on their website. Brand newsrooms can allow a company to tell their news in a video setting that can be shared across social platforms as well as shared with media outlets to use in newscasts. 

In a world where we are all being fed so much content all the time, video is the medium of choice to consume content. To remain relevant, companies must adapt to this growing trend and produce video content that users want to share and engage with. 

Allow your brand to reach customers in a meaningful and memorable way with video. If you would like to discuss how your business can utilize video, give Red Shoes a call at (920) 574-3253. 

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