Connect to your audience with purpose and intent.

Strategic Communication Services

Boost your brand perception and stakeholder relationships with our tailored strategic communication services. We focus on understanding your goals, engaging your target audience and crafting impactful messaging. With expert design and effective distribution management, Red Shoes ensures your message reaches the right audience for maximum impact. 

Internal Communications

Formulate a communication strategy between leadership and employees that is direct and impactful. We understand the need to roll out information using precise sequence and timing to make sure all your employees are in the know and in support of your business development efforts. We will prepare communication documents that allow you to utilize existing communication platforms and share information seamlessly.  

PR / Media Relations

Draw positive media attention to your business to generate brand recognition and position your business as a go-to in your field. Our PR team can leverage existing relationships to alert the media to events going on in your business or opportunities to present yourselves as experts on topics in the news. We will pitch stories that highlight staff milestones, awards and recognitions, events and conferences, charitable involvement and more. 

Government Relations

Maximize the impact and media marketability of your events by inviting government representatives to attend and recognize your business efforts. Our PR team will utilize existing government relationships and provide guidance on who to reach out to and how to do so most effectively.  

Community Relations

Position your business as a pillar of the community through strategic communication. We will ascertain that the positive impacts you’re currently making on the community are recognized and celebrated, and we’ll provide guidance on community events and sponsorship opportunities that will be of most value to your brand identity. This will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between your business and the community you serve. 

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