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About us

Our agency is named after a pair of red shoes that were more than just a pair of red shoes—they were a statement. Within those heels was a determination to walk a different path and make something that couldn’t be ignored.

Founded in 2008, Red Shoes is a full-service marketing agency that comes with all the expected attributes: strategy, planning, experience, etc. Every agency checks those boxes (or claims to) but we’re more than just a full-service marketing agency—we’re a full-service marketing agency with soul. We’re passionate about our clients. We’re passionate about one another. We’re passionate about our community.

We are always on, always in, always there.™

What matters to us

At Red Shoes, our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is at the forefront of everything we do. Through a series of cultural competency classes and training, our staff has worked both individually and as an organization to understand our journey and identify opportunities for continued growth. Because we know being culturally competent in our work is just that – a journey. We are committed to constantly learning, growing and adapting in the process.

Our attributes set us apart.


With curious hearts, we push ourselves and our clients to be true to their authentic self and forge their own path.


We don’t subscribe to one-size-fits-all. Every client has their own story; our job is to listen, understand, and fill the need.


We will not break. Our team is unflappable. We bend and sway when needed, but our roots run deep. Our strength comes from lived experience and a ferocious will.


We’re human. We have soft spots. If we can’t be honest with ourselves, we’ll never come together as a community.


We look for the solution behind the solution. And we search for the voices that have yet to be heard or the ideas that haven’t been examined.

The team

We are a power-packed agency of marketing professionals who are fiercely loyal partners. We have the strongest hearts and toughest skin. Individually, we are strong; together we are unbreakable.

Lisa started Red Shoes in 2008 and has been unstoppable ever since. She firmly believes that communication is key and should be a top priority, no matter what, and that by keeping doors open, we can build better relationships and make the world a better place. Whether she’s enjoying the great outdoors or belting out her favorite song, “Like A Prayer” (which can be heard echoing through the office from time to time), Lisa lives life to the fullest.  

Lisa Cruz


Maria is an accomplished leader with nearly 20 years of marketing and communication experience. With her focused leadership and unwavering dedication, Maria keeps the Red Shoes team motivated to achieve our goals. But it’s not just professional development that Maria values – she also believes in setting a positive example for the next generation of women.

Maria Nelson

Vice President

Meagan’s favorite projects include creating new brands and breaking down complex needs of clients. With three busy kids, she is on the go a lot, but her favorite way to reset is to disconnect and spend time together making memories. Meagan’s favorite quote, “Keep on keeping on,” embodies her persistent drive and unwavering determination to succeed, both in her personal and professional life.

Meagan Hardwick

Agency Director

Sally is an aficionado of good food and has a special talent when it comes to brewing coffee (her colleagues often seek her advice on how to make the perfect cup.) Sally is a lifelong learner and always looking for ways to grow, both personally and professionally. She’s a natural leader who helps others accomplish their goals, whether it’s through offering a listening ear or sharing her expertise.

Sally Njie

Business Coordinator

Danielle lives for understanding complex industries and clients and using marketing to support their goals. She loves planning events, traveling and anything that involves water – boating, swimming, or even relaxing near a shore. She’s also an avid audio book listener, with a particular love for the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

Danielle León

Account Executive

Tracy loves nothing more than using her imagination to bring her ideas to life, whether that’s through a new marketing campaign or redecorating her home. When she’s not busy crafting masterpieces, Tracy can be found scouring thrift stores and rummage sales for hidden gems. With her keen eye for potential, Tracy can take a seemingly ordinary item and turn it into something unique and beautiful.

Tracy Doering

Assistant Account Executive

With her natural flair for weaving a compelling narrative, Raquel’s work is always infused with curiosity and compassion. She’s quick to point out, however, that she never feels like she’s working because she’s doing what she loves. When she’s not busy crafting captivating stories, Raquel loves spending time with her family. Whether they’re running errands, hanging outside, or traveling to new and exciting destinations, being together is what matters most.

Raquel Lamal

Media Specialist

Kat never backs down from a challenge and can turn even the most mundane spreadsheet into a work of art. Her artistic talents aren’t just limited to the digital space, she has a gift for drawing too. When she’s not impressing us with her creativity, Kat enjoys exploring new places with her kids. And if you’re lucky enough to join her for breakfast, be sure to make her favorite pancakes – funfetti!

Katie Thao

Creative Specialist

Katie found her love of writing through her great-grandmother and has continued to love storytelling ever since – through music, theater and now bedtime stories for her toddler too. This love of writing now carries over to her communication plans, and when those yield great results, it’s hard to tell who’s more excited – Katie or her client!  She loves a good Zumba class and catching up with friends over coffee.

Katie Much

Account Specialist

When Kailin isn’t belting out the latest Jonas Brothers hits, there’s nothing she loves more than cuddling up with her cats or working on a handmade gift. She has a gift for being creative, and it shows through her work every day. She spends her summer weekends camping with her family or hosting dinner parties for friends.

Kailin Schumacher

Account Coordinator

When she’s not busy strategizing and executing successful PR campaigns, you can find Jennifer either traveling for a baseball tournament or spending quality time with her family. With living in eight different cities and four different states, Jennifer has crossed off a lot of places on her travel bucket list and is always happy to share her recommendations with others. Jenni’s perfect day would include a breakfast sandwich, Zumba and shopping.

Jennifer Thurlow

Media Coordinator

With a real passion for communication and social media, Reagan is an expert at creatively developing content that speak to our clients’ audiences and drives engagement. Outside of work, Reagan loves exploring new places, trying out new restaurants, and soaking up the sun whenever possible. Reagan’s go-to drink is an iced vanilla latte with oat milk, and she’ll never turn down the chance to sing along to a Taylor Swift song.

Reagan Fritts

Social Media Coordinator

With a passion for storytelling, Carly infuses creativity into every written word. She feels happiest when she’s reading a good book, cooking or spending time with family and friends.

Carly Tiedt

Account Coordinator

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